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Welcome to the DoD Arena!!!!


What is the DoD Arena?  It is a player versus player match, also know as PvP Duel.  Every two weeks we will hold this event.  Every DoD member can enter for free.  It is a single elimination competition.  Each match will be the best 2 out of 3 to compensate for specials that don't work or any other unforeseen problems.  Players will square off other players fighting for the grand prize! This was designed to get our members into pvping because this is fun for everyone. There are 5 classes and the prizes change from time to time, we hold the right to substitute prizes.  Some prizes might be a Banes heart, maybe a Guardian Lightning Cannon, Jedi Cloak or Armor (RIS or any other type), you never know!  But they currently are:

  Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Cl 0 - 20 21 - 40 41 - 60 61 - 79 80 - 90
1st 25k 50k 100k 500k 1 mill
2nd 15k 25k 50k 250k 500k
3rd 5k 15k 25k 100k 250k


In the future we might be allowing non guild members to compete in this event.  If we do it will be a buy in price yet to be determined.


Okay on to the Rules!

1)  No Cloaking (You are not allowed to cloak and leave the combat area.)

2)  No Death Blows! If you DB, you will have to pay for the players cloning sickness.  If you DB more then 2 times in the competition, you will be disqualified.

3)  This is a all out one on one fight till the last man is standing.  (No Grouping is allowed!!  There will be no group medic heals!  We can tell when you do this and this will get you and the medic disqualified!)

4)  There will be two judges of each fight, the judges will be picked out of random where you will judge 2-3 matches in a row then we pick new ones. This is so there will be no favorites and every match will be judge equally. 

5)  No bull shit or Drama!  The judges have the final word, so if you go down, you are down unless the judges says differently. This Arena is for the guild members to get training for PVP. 

6)  If  you cause trouble in the arena you will not be aloud to participate until Adenn, Bronn or Brandyn  feel you can participate again. This is to get to know the guild members better so we don't want this to cause drama in the guild if this starts we will be forced to end the Arena. 

7)  There will be exploiting at all!  No multiple droids in combat and there will be no Exploit macros used, we know when you use them and they will get you disqualified!

8)   The arena will take place in an area that is less populated so lag wont be an issue but diverse enough to meet the needs of ranged and melee professions.

9)  You are to be on leave when you enter the arena.  This way npc's wont interfere with the match.

If you have any suggestions please mail Bronn and we will discuss them .


Tips and Tricks

1)  Use some buffs!  You can use food and Spice buffs in a match to give you an edge, use them.  Remember to save your main Buffs, i.e. Shards, to when you need them the most!  The cool down timer on them is long and fights will not be held up because of buffs.  Not saying that we can't wait 2- 3 minutes for a special to reset for you, but we are not going to hold up the event for a 30 min shard buff that you might be waiting for.

2)  Look at your combat log!  If you loose the first part of the match, look at your combat log to see what was going on, you might be able to fix the problem in the next fight, i.e. your opponent had some awesome Energy Armor on, so try a Kinetic weapon next time.   You might have to change armor to prevent your opponent getting you with their high damage weapons.

3) If your heat weapon isn't getting the job done in the first part, try a different element next time.