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We would like to take this time to welcome you to the Dealers of Destruction!

This guild has allot of history.  Most of the members here are previous rider member.  After some issues with the Riders, many of our members left and found refuge in a new guild called GoFC (Galaxy of Free Trade), but that didn't last either.  It seemed no matter where we called home, the guild was always being disbanded or destroyed.  So we said enough was enough and built DoD, The Dealers of Destruction. We felt this was appropriate being that we where constantly being forced to deal with our guilds being destroyed.

We are a tight group of friends here at DoD.  Most of us have been playing the game with each other for over a year.  We believe that a guild should be a place where your friends are and most of us have become like family.  We'd like to welcome you to that family now.