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Guild Events

   Have you ever felt like people take advantage of you in Star Wars Galaxies?   Well I know we all did, until we decide to do something about it!  Nobody likes to go on a HK-47 run and get nothing out of it because the same people loot everything the same time! This happens over and over again to people all the time.  Well not here at DoD!  We believe in being fair.

   Now when you run these missions with us we will let you get the loot you need if it drops!  We don't care if we have to run it for a month straight if that's what it takes to get you your item, we are prepared to do just that!

   Want to run DWB over and over again to get your mando armor?  No problem!  We will be right there to help!  Our members have been at this for a long time, need help in space?  We got that covered too!  Are pilots are ready and willing to help you get to Ace pilot if that's what you are after!

  We are a very member orientated guild.  We want to help you!

  • HK-47
  • Death Watch Bunker (DWB)
  • NK runs
  • Legacy Quests
  • Avatar Platform
  • Warren
  • Droid Army
  • Droid Factory 1 and 2
  • All Mustafar Quests
  • All Kashyyyk Quests
  • PVP battles ( we enjoy these!)
  • Special Guild events that you wont find anywhere else! (DoD Arena)
  • Geo Cave
  • Any more!
   Here at DoD, we enjoy getting out and doing things as a Guild.  We always try to encourage our new members to take part in group activities.  This can range anywhere from doing Hk runs, DWB or simply going out to PvP!   You need help leveling up?  No problem, many of our members have done the Legacy Quest series at least 2 times and are willing to help you get it done.  Working with a group is the best part of SWG and we are egger to help you out!