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   Currently DoD has 25 active members.  That's 25 people that you can play with when you log on to Star Wars Galaxies!  Some of players are on during the day, some mid after noon and allot during the evening.  There should always be someone there to help you when you log in.

   We are big into helping each other here at DoD.  If you need some to run Quest with you, whether they are Legacy Quest, Kashyyyk or even Mustafar, there is someone all willing to help you out.  You should never be stuck on a quest with all the helpers we got!

   Need supplies and equipment?  Ask a DoD guildie!  We are all more then willing to share, give or let you use whatever it maybe.  Don't be afraid to ask!  We can hook you up and if we can't, then we can diffidently get you going in the right direction!

Things we can currently offer you as a member:

  • A near perfect weapons/droid crafting station (44.17 to be exact)
  • Perfect crafting tools you can use!
  • Food Buffs to make your crafting easier
  • Help with Robe/Cloak Hunting for Jedi members
  • Help with RIS crafting
  • Death Watch Bunker Runs (DWB and Mando Creation)
  • HK-47 Runs
  • Sher Kar Runs
  • Droid Army
  • Anything you don't see here but still need help with, we got you covered!