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Player Verse Player Tips

One thing to always remember in pvp battles, is that is not about how many kills you get, it is about helping your group be efficient on the battle field!  Everyone has a job to do and if we can do that job together, then we have a better chance of coming out alive!  More strategies and tips below the chart.


Profession Role on the  Battle Field

Middle lines, support fire on big groups, a Commandos job is to place mines around areas that players are going to be crossing to get to their targets.  This is called Bottle Necking. This way when the enemy crosses the lines - Boom!  Then the Jedi / Bounty Hunters can finish the kill!



To hold the front lines!  Most Jedi have Saber block and Cloak. With Force run you are able to quickly move all over the battle field picking people off!  The Commando gets them started and you finish them!  It is your job to ensure that the opponents that have been weaken die! Remember that after the Commando starts the damage process ( IE: mines , heave weapons ) you will have an easier time killing the opponent after that initial wave. 



Many medics want to be on the front lines fighting, don't do this.  It is your job as a Support profession to keep your group mates alive and kicking!  You can provide fire support from the back lines but you need to be Johnny on the Spot when it comes to healing your allies on the front lines IE: Jedi / Bounty Hunters and your middle line Commandos.  After Expertise comes out, it will be your job to weaken any opponent that manages to break your groups front lines.



It is your job to make sure that your group mates have everything they need on the battle field in order to be efficient!  You need to make sure that the Commando / Jedi / Bounty Hunter are not snared making them easy targets.  Remember that Jedi can break snares with their Force Run so keep a close eye on your Commandos and Bounty Hunters.  Make sure that everyone in the group has their Buffs before battle begins and if you have the Health Stim line, make sure everyone has some health stims!  This is important!  Between players Heals, Medic's group Heals and your health stims, the front lines are able to do what they need to do and that is hold the line!  You can also provide support fire for your group.  Ranged Officers can do this easily while making sure their group is in optimum fighting condition.  Melee Officers are also able to move around the battle field assisting group member that are fighting melee profession.


Bounty Hunter  

Due to your high Armor protection and Shields, you are in the middle lines.  You are not able to move around as easily as Jedi but your high defense make you a strong middle line.  It is your job also to keep those Commandos alive!  Your traps should go down around the front of the Commandos.  This way, if your opponents make it past the Commandos Mines and Heavy Weapons, past the Jedi, you will need to help keep Commandos alive.  Your shields will  help you take a lot of damage.  Don't worry about dieing.  The Medic will Rez you.  Throw up your shields before your opponent breaks the line!  You don't want to throw them up at the last moment, you want them up in time to make you a wall!  Your traps will DoT your opponent to death, since they should already be weakened by the Commandos Mines and Heavy Weapons.



You need to be watching and keeping a close eye out for the opponent!  There is nothing like being surprised in a fire fight!  Don't let this happen to your group!  You have the advantage of Cloaking when you are in trouble and attacking when needed to help save a group member!  Don't waste your cover unless you have too!  Remember that heavy weapons will take you out of stealth mode very easily!  Stay hidden and pop out when the coarse of the battle calls for it.  IE: when a rogue player has broken thru the front lines and is attacking the groups medic.  you need to come to the aid of that medic and fast!  When the medic is safe, you cloak again.  There is not a lot of action for a spy but remember that you are playing for the group and not for yourself.  Spying is what you are suppose to be doing!



You guys have the same job as the Jedi, except one thing, you do not start on the front lines!  You need to be on the back lines with the Medics.  the reason for this is because you have a lot of the same kind of abilities that Jedi have except for saber block and the strong heal.  When the line starts to fail, most of your opponents will be close to death.  They should be at least, they just went thou all that to get to the back lines!  You will be able to move around very fast and help those medics out!  All most any Jedi that manages to break that lines will come straight for the Medics, take advantage of your opponents weaker health bar and start tearing them up!  Remember that in a worse case scenario you do have Spies that can un cloak to help you protect the Medics!


Depending on what side your opponent comes into Restuss at, your group will shift.  If they come from the North then use the setup that is in the picture.  If they come in from teh East, then shift your group down a few notches so that the same line up is meet at the second bottle neck.

 Your opponents are going to do a number of things when the battle starts.  First, they are going to try and take out your Commandos.  Then they are going to try and take out your Medics.  After that, they are going to target your Officers and the rest of the professions start getting picked off right after that. 

The reason they do this is simple:

  1. To eliminate the Commandos Heavy Weapons, so there group takes less damage, plus they don't want to chance the Commandos placing more mines down!
  2. This will allow them to see better on the battle field as well.
  3. Killing the Medics, ensures that nobody gets rezed, they killed you once they don't want to have to do it again!
  4. Targeting the Officers next, this allows them a safe time to kill the Officer with out worrying about the two dangerous professions getting any extra group buffs from the Officers death.  i.e.: Last Word special.
  5. Now it just becomes a numbers game and they began picking you off one by one!


Things you will want to do when going into battle:

  1. Buff up!  Remember that you can only use one food buff item at a time, but you can use food, spice.  Save your Shard buffs when the wave of Imperials attack!
  2. Have some health stims on your toolbar.  i.e. Officer health stims and Base health stims.
  3. Have some mines on you for all you Commandos!  DoD will reimburse you for your mine cost.  Contact either Bronn / Brandyn / Adenn / Your-mom-goes for cost reimbursements.
  4. Never leave the city!  A common strategy is to lure you out of the city to break your ranks.  Do not fall for this!
  5. Listen to your group leader!

You might be asking yourself, why post our strategy up here for everyone to see?  Well all good pvp guilds and groups are using this strategy because it works!  We don't have to reinvent the wheel here.  We just need to use what already works!  For more ideas on how to better prepare for battle check out this link.

Remember to have fun out there and I hope to see you all on the battle field!